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Internal Medicine                  

7232 West Sand Lake Rd, Ste 102

Orlando, FL 32819

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            Individualized Care  not  Standardized Care

            No Cook Book Medicine of Insurance companies

            Common Sense Medicine


Dr. Hemant Painter MD., MB.,BS.
Consultant Physician
Internal Medicine , Pediatrics & Geriatrics

We take care of:

All age groups 


High Deductibles requiring reasonable fees for office consultation

Employers and staff with self funded Health Care

Introductory single problem visit fee only $50 ( like cough/cold or UTI)

$100 and more for two or more problems or prescriptions ( like high blood pressure with Diabetes)

Call for  same day appointment.

Tel: 407 237 0900

                                                                                    Fax: 407 237 0901