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            Individualized Care  not  Standardized Care

            No Cook Book Medicine of Insurance companies

            Common Sense Economical Medicine

            Home Visits for your convenience


Dr. Hemant Painter MD., MB.,BS.
Consultant Physician ( By appointment only)
Internal Medicine 
Fellowship trained in Geriatrics

We take care of:

All age groups 

Especially Uninsured and those who think they have insurance but really have to pay ie.

Insured but High Deductibles requiring reasonable fees for office consultation

Employers and staff with self funded Health Care

Dr Painter also does home visits. Call for details

For immediate response, please call only during the office hours stated below.

Nursing Homes and ALF staff please call Dr Painters Cell number, please do not leave messages on office phone number

CLOSED DEC 24th & 25th

Call for  same day appointment and hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday   9am to 12 noon

Tel: 407 237 0900

                                                                                    Fax: 407 237 0901


I provide medical care for simple and complex health care issues for a very reasonable fee. I want to be useful to people who have no health insurance and have to pay large amounts or wait long periods to see a doctor. Really affordable health care is still not available. Politicians have just used that "cliché" to help their insurance companies make more money and no one to complain to. I am still waiting for the American people to wake up and realize that their own money is being used to pay for their care but only after they have to beg for it and jump through hoops. If its your money why not use it yourself? Why give it to the middle man who keeps the majority and rations the remaining, making you beg for care? Why not use your own money and only when needed? Save the same money you would give an insurance company and you will have enough in 3-5 years to deal with most major issues. If the bills are astronomical, just say you will pay what is reasonable and customary and that is what any Government Insurance company would have normally paid. So my message is, pay for your health care only when you need to by saving your monthly payments.